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Real Estate Financing

We can provide bridge Fund financing through a variety of 45 different Hedge Fund, and Pension Fund companies.

Minimum Loan Amount:  $750,000
Maximum Loan Amount: $100 Million

Interest rate and terms vary with the Loan to Value:

Loan Fees may also vary with Loan to Value and type of real estate loan.

Maximum LTV: 75%

A typical, regular commercial bridge loan could be a 9%, interest only loan for two years, with a 1 point fee for an additional 1 year.   Prepayment would be for 9 months, with a yield maintenance of 9 months.

Loan Fee: 3 points.

A higher Loan to Value usually increases the interest rate

Special Purpose properties, or properties with unusual terms or conditions  may also increase the interest rate and change the terms.

Please contact us for each individual situation


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Real Estate Bridge Loan Financing